Faculty and Staff

St. Christine School is blessed with a wonderful group of teachers that excel at their work.  Their passion for their students translates into a nurturing and dynamic classroom environment where children thrive.  Our faculty is supported by a staff of individuals that keep things running smoothly every day. 

Position Name Email
Principal Mrs. Pribula stchristineelem@youngstowndiocese.org
Admin. Asst. Mrs. Stana mstana@youngstowndiocese.org
Secretary Mrs. Kunig wkunig@youngstowndiocese.org
Kindergarten Mrs. Savich asavich@youngstowndiocese.org
Kindergarten Mrs.Eskay ceskay@youngstowndiocese.org
1st Grade Miss Latessa  llatessa@youngstowndiocese.org
1st Grade Mrs. Herold jennifer.herold@youngstowndiocese.org
2nd Grade Miss Phillips kphillips@youngstowndiocese.org
2nd Grade Miss Mondak amondak@youngstowndiocese.org
3rd Grade Mrs. Hafely    jhafely@youngtowndiocese.org
3rd Grade Mrs. Snyder michelle.snyder@youngstowndiocese.org
4th Grade Mrs. Archer aarcher@youngstowndiocese.org
4th Grade Mr. Rowe mrowe@youngstowndiocese.org
5th Grade Miss Tozzi dtozzi@youngstowndiocese.org
5th Grade Mr. Meser mmeser@youngstowndiocese.org
6th Grade Mrs. Rackov nrackov@youngstowndiocese.org
6th Grade Miss Vlock dvlock@youngstowndiocese.org
7th Grade Mrs. Danley cdanley@youngstowndiocese.org
7th Grade Mrs. Straub tstraub@youngstowndiocese.org
8th Grade Mrs. DiLisio jdilisio@youngstowndiocese.org
Title Mrs. Gentile mgentile@youngstowndiocse.org
Title Mrs. Nagy snagy@youngstowndiocese.org
Music Mrs. Vargo mvargo@youngstowndiocese.org
Physical Education Mrs. Lorenzi dlorenzi@youngstowndiocese.org
Art Mrs. Hammond chammond@youngstowndiocese.org
Special Education Ms. Phillips cphillips@youngstowndiocese.org
Librarian Mrs. Stille astille@youngstowndiocese.org
Psychologist assistant Mrs. Kramer skramer@youngstowndiocese.org
Athletic Director Mr. Saunders dbsaun@zoominternet.net
Speech Mrs. Roche mroche@youngstowndiocese.org
Nurse Mrs. Cast kcast@youngstowndiocese.org
Extended Care Mrs. Warren  
Extended Care Mrs. Ramsey  
Lunch Program Mrs. Stein sstein@youngstowndiocese.org.