Art, Music, Technology and Physical Education


The study of art is based on the belief that every child is creative and that creativity is a characteristic of all learning. Saint Christine School offers art classes to all students, grades kindergarten through eighth, once per week.  

The art curriculum is based on the elements and principles of design, such as learning to use color, shape, form, line, or texture in expressing an idea or feeling.  Learning techniques and using a variety of media (pen & ink, watercolor, tempera paints, clay, paper collage, etc.) are an important part of the curriculum. The art program at Saint Christine School reflects both the Ohio and national art standards.

All students on every grade level are involved in projects that develop self-expression, creativity, visual perception, manipulative skills, and critical thinking skills.  Students work independently as well as in cooperative groups.


The study of music encourages critical thinking and problem solving and teaches principles of organization.  Music provides an avenue for self-expression, creativity, and personal achievement.  The study of music also promotes cultural awareness, which is essential if students are to become strong contributors to their society. Saint Christine School has a music education program for all grades from kindergarten to the eighth grade.  Students are introduced to vocal music and music theory throughout the school year. 

Saint Christine School also has a band program which is provided through Musical Youth, Inc.  Band students receive a 25 minute semi-private lesson once a week during the school day.  A special rotating schedule is used so that lessons don’t interfere with students’ academic performance. On the same day as semi-private lessons, the students also meet in a large Group Band where they learn to follow a conductor and perform as a group.  There is an extra fee for this program.  

For more information regarding the cost and registration materials, please contact our band director at 330-792-4544 or visit Musical Youth’s website at



Physical Education

Physical education as a discipline provides for social growth and development which can lead students to become effective and contributing members of a group. Physical education also constitutes a major factor in preparing students to use leisure time purposefully, productively and with enjoyment during their school years and throughout their lives.

The Physical Education Curriculum at Saint Christine School is aligned with the “Ohio Physical Education Model for Competency Based Education”, the “National Standards for Physical Education”, and other professional standards which stand as benchmarks for the best practices in physical education. Physical education classes are required of all students of all grades.