Eighth Grade

Curriculum at a Glance

Students in the junior high receive instruction in religion, English language arts, mathematics, literature, science, health, and social studies including American history.  Instruction in art, health, music, and physical education are given weekly.  Classes are taught on a departmental basis. All students in grades 4-8 take part in the Accelerated Reader Program.  This is a system in which students read a book (which is chosen from a lengthy list) and then take a computerized test on that book.  Points are earned and accumulated each quarter. 


  • Sacrament of Confirmation
  • Altar Servers and Lectors
  • Living Stations
  • May Crowning
  • Participation in National Junior Beta
  • Student Council – ability to run for council officers positions
  • Participation in Spelling Bee, Geography Bee and Y.S.U. English Festival
  • Participate in annual Musical cast and crew
  • Math Competition
  • Band
  • 8th Grade Retreat
  • 8th Grade Class Trip
  • Junior High Dances