Fourth Grade

Curriculum at a Glance

Students in fourth grade receive instruction in religion, English language arts, health, mathematics, reading and/or literature, science, and social studies. Fourth graders by state law are required to study Ohio history. In addition, instruction in art, music, and physical education are given weekly. Classes are both self-contained by homerooms and departmental.   All students in grades 4-8 take part in the Accelerated Reader Program. This is a system in which students read a book (which is chosen from a lengthy list) and then take a computerized test on that book. Points are earned and accumulated each quarter.



  • Participate in Spelling Bee and Geography Bee

  • Choir

  • Band

  • Participate in annual school Musical

  • Learn about the great state of Ohio

  • Celebrate Chinese New Year and a visit to a Chinese restaurant

  • Use of Laptop computers

  • Field Trip to Children’s’ Concert

  • Extra Curricular – Soccer, Flag Football and Cross Country