Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are your Safety Procedures?
    Saint Christine School provides a safe and secure environment. All school doors are locked throughout the day, with visitors able to gain admittance only through the front entrance of the school at the discretion of staff. A reception area desk is staffed during school hours. Upon admittance to the school, all visitors sign in and are given a visitor's badge. There are also security cameras within and around the outside of the building.
  2. What is your uniform policy?
    St. Christine School believes that an appropriate Dress Code is important in educating our students. Therefore, our students are required to wear a School Uniform and our parents are happy to alleviate those early morning clothing hassles!
  3. Is bussing available?
    Yes, busing is available from Austintown, Boardman, Canfield and Youngstown.
  4. What are your lunch procedures?

    At St. Christine School, children have the option of packing their own lunch from home or ordering lunch from our hot lunch program, which offers healthy meals every school day.  The Lunch Menu (Make a Link) is published on a monthly basis.  As always, parent volunteers are welcomed and appreciated. Many parents choose to volunteer in the cafeteria or at recess because it offers a great opportunity to come in, lend a hand and see their children with their friends during the school day.

  5. Do you offer Before-School and After-School Care?
    Yes, see After-Care Program details.

  6. Do you have a school nurse?
    Yes, St. Christine School employs a full time nurse who is available daily for medical services as well as screenings as determined by the school.

  7. Are parents permitted to volunteer at school?

    Encouraging family participation is an important part of St. Christine School. Parent participation is welcomed and appreciated. You can get involved in so many ways:

With demanding schedules and daily challenges, it can be difficult to find the time to get involved. With a wide variety of options, it’s just a matter of determining which opportunity works best for you and your family.