Four Great Things about St. Christine School

Catholic Identity and Faith Infused With Learning

St. Christine School is proud of its Catholic identity and the integration of faith into every aspect of learning and extra-curricular activities.  By example, our 8th graders learn that service to others is an essential part of living the Gospel as they pair up with 1st graders during faith formation activities. 

Academic Quality

St. Christine School has a tradition of academic quality.  The school is progressive in its use of educational technologies such as ACTIVBoards, computers and iPads to enhance the students’ learning experience.  We are a Showcase School for G&G, Inc., a technology vendor, due to our innovative use of educational technologies in the classroom

Safety, Structure & Discipline

St. Christine School provides students a safe environment where behavior is directed by a Code of Conduct based on Gospel values.  By consistent reinforcement, students learn appropriate Christian behavior that is adhered to both in and out of the building.

Activities and  Leadership

St. Christine School provides a multitude of activities and leadership opportunities to help mold a well-balanced student.  In addition to our art and music programs, the school is well-known for its high-quality theater production each spring.  There is also a wide array of athletics available to our students enhanced by top-notch facilities and enthusiastic community support.